Dec 2017

Yes, I'm still dosing Prodibio

By: melev | Tags: prodibio, coral vits, reefbooster

Every few weeks, I get a message asking me if I'm dosing Prodibio and what specifically am I dosing.  My preference has always been the big four: Biodigest, Bioptim, Stronti+, and Iodi+ which are all dosed back to back during the same session twice a month, on the 5th and on the 20th.


Dec 2017

Look really closely

By: melev | Tags: filter feeder, tube worms

I've been observing this one area of my reef for a while, which is pretty much in the center of the 400g. The sunset montipora of course is vivid and beautiful, but the leading edge of the rock -- what's going on there?


Dec 2017

I'm at the gate now...

By: melev | Tags: fiji

I got through the international security here at LAX three hours before my flight, and was able to do a short livestream from the Fiji Airways gate. I posed the question: What's the furthest you've traveled to see a natural reef.  As you can see above, this one was significant.


Dec 2017

I'm supposed to be flying toward Fiji...

By: melev | Tags: travel, flights, fiji

Last February, I booked my trip from Dallas to Suvasuva, Fiji... and the entire time all was well.  Until this morning, that is. I got an email mere hours before I'm about to depart, learning that the first leg of my trip has been pushed three hours later than my itinerary listed.


Nov 2017

That project I've been wanting to do for six months? Done!

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When I built my sump way back in 2010 for this 400g reef, I made a bigger bubble tower for the three drains.  That seemed rather simple.  Then later I added the 60g anemone cube that had to drain into the same spot. And I also added the biopellet reactor's output into that spot.