280g Reef - A huge sump

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Installed on 5/16/2005, this acrylic sump was built be me to take care of the needs of my 280g reef tank. My goal was to install something that would hold all water that drains when the power is off, house a brand new skimmer, have a decent size refugium, space for coral propagation and it had to look good too.

280g Reef - Controller

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My tank came with an Aqua Controller II, but it was ruined with saltwater. After sending it in to Neptune Systems in California for repairs, I began to learn what all it could do.

280g Reef - Electrical needs

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How my 280g reef was powered from August 2004 to June 2007:  I had a lot of power cords that needed to be plugged in, and I wanted something tidy and water resistant. This cabinet affixed to the wall housed everything, including some handy switches to toggle gear on and off.  With the door swung closed, it hid most everything and keep it clean.

The Angled Tank

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The Angled tank was in the foyer when you first walked in. I wanted a pretty anemone and some clownfish to greet anyone that visited as soon as they came inside.

Frag Tank

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My frag tank is 22" x 13" x 8" with a 1" Durso drain in a 5" x 5" corner overflow. The locline feeding into the frag tank is adorable, I've never seen such tiny locline before. It's got a 1/4" outlet. The tank holds just under 10g of water.

Suncoral tank

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My reason for setting up the suncoral tank was to allow me to feed these hungry corals easily on daily basis.  It housed an adorable tiny eel that I caught during a collection trip near Galveston, Tx.  This tank was taken down after four years, when the new 400g came to live.