Feb 2020

Large Strainer Basket

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Going all the way back to 2005, I've always had a large strainer basket on the intake of my return pump. I have a few, so I can put them through a cleaning rotation.  Originally, you could buy these at Savko, but these days that doesn't seem to be an option.  


Jan 2020

Apex Controller Tutorials

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The Apex controller has been around for years, but daily people are asking questions how to program theirs, whether they are brand new users of the product, or people that have owned their controller for quite a while. 


Jan 2020

The Trident saved my reef today

By: melev | Tags: trident, alkalinity, co2 tank

As many of you know, I highly urge everyone to test their water on Saturdays. I did so that night, and the Elos Alkalinity test kit measured 9.0 dKH. The Trident measured just slightly higher at 9.3 dKH. All is well, everything is running perfectly.


Nov 2019

6 year Anniversary Video

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My 400g reef and the 60g Anemone Cube turned six years old on November 10th. I hope you enjoy this up-to-date tour of where things stand for 2019, and give you a little insight into what makes it work.


Aug 2019

5 years, 9 months update

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Today, the reef hits another monthly anniversary, and in three months there will be a full coverage video update to show all the changes that have happened as the reef turns 6 years old.


Jun 2019

Where things are today...

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It's been another month.  The 400g has been running for 5 years and 7 months as of tomorrow. I've been dosing 40 ml of Nopox daily for 58 days. It looks like nitrate is finally approaching 10 ppm (looks like 15 ppm today via API), down from 50 ppm.  Phosphates measured .1 ppm (Elos)


May 2019

Something old, something new

By: melev | Tags: potassium, fauna marin

Years ago, our club's president handed me a coral dip sample from Fauna Marin.  Turned out to be gold in a vial but I couldn't get more of it.  I remember it working so well, but I figured it must have been a one-time thing that picked up zero traction and never made it to market.  Fast forward a


Mar 2019

ICP test results have arrived

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For the past few years, several vendors have offered ICP testing. It's a process of blasting a water sample down to its ions and elements. Here's a quick description quoted from icp-analysis.com: