Aquashella Chicago

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Sept 27-28, 2019, Chicago, IL: This year's Aquashella-Chicago event was a blast. Two full days of aquatic-ness, for freshwater people, saltwater people and even reptile owners.

What is MACNA? Why should you attend?

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That is the question I asked myself a few years ago, back in 2002. I saw the brochure at the LFS (local fish store), and heard some people talking about it, but I wasn't sure what it actually was.

Dallas Comic Con - May 16-18, 2014

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Dallas Comic Con moved to the Dallas Convention Center this year, and with it much more space for everyone to wander about.  The crushing crowds from previous cons weren't a factor, and it allowed everyone to walk around comfortably.

Las Vegas, Part II

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Las Vegas has brought in sights from around the world to one location.  Here's a shopping center that resembles the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles. Yet look at the different shapes standing around it. The conflict of straight versus rounded versus angular really works.

MACNA XV: Louisville, KY

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I had the opportunity to attend MACNA's 15th annual conference in in Louisville Kentucky. LMAS was the hosting club. This was my second time, as I attended the one in Ft Worth last year as well, hosted by DFWMAS (my local club).

DFWMAS Fall Frag Swap

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November 13, 2010: Last weekend, our club had it's semi-annual frag swap. This one is open to members and guests. One thing that I've noticed over the years is how progressive these events are becoming.

DFWMAS Spring Frag Swap

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Saturday, April 2, 2011 - Irving Tx - DFWMAS had its spring Frag Swap at the Irving Bible Church. It's a beautiful venue that is quite spacious, but once you add a bunch of tables, frag tanks, corals and people, it can quickly feel crowded.