Jan 2019

Oooh, that's chilly!

By: melev | Tags: neotherm, heater failure, new line of code

I discovered a missing line in my Apex code tonight. It's programming is coded to have it notify me via alarm, email and push notification if the tank gets too cold. That would be for my 400g. However, I never added an extra line of code for the separate frag system. Oops!


Oct 2018

Alkalinity matters

By: melev | Tags:

Tank alkalinity has been somewhat low but I couldn't figure out why. My calcium reactor was full of media, the CO2 tank was full of gas, everything looked right.


Aug 2018

How about a few new pictures?

By: melev | Tags: topdown

I haven't blogged on my own website in what feels like "much too long" and tonight after getting back from dropping off shipments for my customers, I decided it was time to insert the walkboard, climb up upon it and take a few pictures of some corals from above.  My reef is looking so pretty day