Jan 2017

Don't get overzealous

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Today is the 3rd day of 2017. What all did you do to your tank over the past couple of days to prep it for the new year? And if you did a lot of things, every wonder if that was a good idea or a bad one...?


Jan 2017

2017 brings a huge update

By: melev | Tags: cnc, website, thanks

It's 2017, central time. So let me tell you about what's to come (although I know you can't read this for a few more... months) but it's here for historical reasons because I know you like to go back and see what you missed):


Dec 2016

Gotta love a good power bill

By: melev | Tags: electricity, hino

In early 2016, it was time to renew my annual contract with the electric company. We have deregulation in Texas, so while everyone gets power from Oncor, we can pick which company sends us the bill each month.


Dec 2016

A new refugium bulb?

By: melev | Tags: refugium, bulb

During a recent trip to Home Depot, I looked through the LED bulbs seeking a new refugium bulb to use on the frag system's fuge. I found this one rated 5000 Kelvin, and the shape of the bulb looks promising. The bulb cost $14 and uses 8 watts. 


Dec 2016

When I was a boy

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I had a 20g Long as my first aquarium when I was 11 years old.  Back then, the rule was 1" of fish per gallon, and I didn't like that rule.  So instead of worrying about any fish, I decided to make it an invertebrate tank. There was no limit to how many you could add, which was awesome.


Nov 2016

Mandarin art

By: melev | Tags: ornaments

Just in time for the holidays, I received my mandarin ornament to hang on the Christmas tree. For now, it's here on my desk but next week when the tree goes up, this little guy will be adding some flair to the menagerie of items I've been collecting.  


Nov 2016

A custom fan tray

By: melev | Tags: fan bracket

While every fan tray I build is custom made to fit a particular sump, this one took more time and a little imagination to fit one customer's needs. This bracket will fit on a rimless sump, nestling down on the front wall and the inner partitian and stay there.