Oct 2017

Resetting the reef to open up some space

By: melev | Tags: duane

After more than 3.5 years of growth, some colonies were dominating the aquarium blocking light and impeding flow. Duane helped me with this project, which involved cutting out the huge corals and planting smaller choice bits to reset the reef.


Oct 2017

No sucking sound?

By: melev | Tags: reverse

Back in 2013, I built my return assembly for the 400g version 2.0, and when I did so I used a check valve installed backwards, which I refer to as the Reversed Check Valve.


Sep 2017

Pictures from above

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Two days ago I took a few pictures of the corals from the side of the tank, but today I wanted to get a few images from above as well. However, the lenses I have require a minimum focal length that frustrates my process. Basically, the corals are too close to the lens for it to focus.


Sep 2017

How nice is this?

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It's been five days since the reef was reset. I knew I'd need some time getting used to the new look of the reef. Duane begged me to turn on the 20,000K lighting Saturday evening because "your rock is so white!" under 10,000K lighting.


Sep 2017

Out with the old...

By: melev | Tags:

Last Saturday, Melev's Reef had a viewing party.  Locals were invited to watch the transformation of the 400g which was desparately in need of a major clean-out.  Corals had grown into massive colonies, completely shading whatever was beneath.


Aug 2017

The frag system update

By: melev | Tags: coralline algae

The frag system has been less fun that I'd hoped.  Water quality has been an issue because it's just not as stable as I like. While skimming is hands-free as well as top off, dosing three part to the tank is an unpleasant task for me.


Jun 2017

Skunks ascending

By: melev | Tags: skunks

Most of the time, the skunk clownfish remain in the tentacles of the Sebae anemone.  Some have migrated to some nearby Duncans and are seen swimming through the green hammers, but the Sebae is their home. When I feed, the harem tends to swim out into the open to get their share.