Apr 2017

A nicer fan bracket?

By: melev | Tags:

A customer requested I build a fan bracket that fits her rimless sump, so I designed something different that the CNC could cut out. I also changed the order of gluing joints, and I think overall it's a nicer looking final product.


Apr 2017

The importance of hoarding

By: melev | Tags: alkalinity, magnesium, soda ash

After making myself (literally) do all my water testing today on both systems, I'm quickly reminded why I prefer to only run one reef at a time. Those people that run multiple tanks or frag systems deserve heavy praise for being able to keep so many separate systems thriving.


Apr 2017

A difficult decision

By: melev | Tags:

I tend to overthink everything, and like to work systematically toward growth both for my business as well as the youtube audience I've acquired over the past couple of years. Some videos are easy to do, others are very involved both in the filming process as well as the editing portion.


Jan 2017

Ich - why do I never speak of it?

By: melev | Tags: ich, humor

I've had people ask me how I deal with ich in my tank. Apparently they think I have a secret. I have bought all kinds of fish over the years, but you never hear about ich issues. Yet, based on posts by others it's like the majority of you are constantly suffering from this problem.


Jan 2017

Autofeeder for rimless tanks

By: melev | Tags: chimney, eheim autofeeder, apex afs

Years ago, I came up with an acrylic bracket to keep food in the display tank instead of letting it float across the surface and into the overflow (thus down into the sump, wasted and uneaten).  I called it the Eheim Chimney, as it was made to fit the Eheim Autofeeder system.