Aug 2018

How about a few new pictures?

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I haven't blogged on my own website in what feels like "much too long" and tonight after getting back from dropping off shipments for my customers, I decided it was time to insert the walkboard, climb up upon it and take a few pictures of some corals from above.  My reef is looking so pretty day


Jun 2018

Pretty corals

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Here are a few pictures I took over the weekend of my reef. Everything is running smoothly, and I've decided to begin dosing vodka to lower nitrates in my system. I used to do so years ago, and I'm ready to do it once more. 

Drew's Acropora


Jun 2018


By: melev | Tags: glass sensor, alarm, beep

For about three days in a row, I heard a slight 'beep' sound coming from my reef.  It happened exactly every five minutes, but I could not find the source.


Jun 2018

ReefTrace graphs my parameters over time

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Using the ReefTrace app to track all my water parameters, I've been entering in quite a few data points over a period of many months.  Today I decided to use the Compare option and selectively worked my way through each test, and I set the Date parameter from Jan


Jun 2018

Unknown coral update

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Back in February I purchased an unknown acropora from a local store at our frag swap. I thought it was interesting, that it had potential. I had no clue what it was, but something grabbed my interest so I bought it. Looking back at it today, I don't know what I was thinking. lol


Jun 2018

Day 1673, or 4 years and 7 months today!

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Today's the 10th, and that is when I have my camera out to take an updated picture of my reef. I spent time yesterday cleaning the glass in preparation, plus it always looks better after a big cleaning. So here are some pictures for your enjoyment.


May 2018

Quad-zoned Dosing Reservoir

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I build a lot of acrylic products for my customers, and take pride in my work. This is dosing reservoir that was recently ordered, and it came out really nicely.  Each zone holds 1g of solution, such as Alkalinity + Calcium + Magnesium + Acropower perhaps.