May 2018

Dory update

By: melev | Tags: dory

Dory has found a new spot to sleep. It's rather cute. In the very bottom of the tank in the front, there's a montipora capricornis. About 10 days ago, I saw her from across the room swim deep into the coral, then back out with something in her mouth.


May 2018

Found him

By: melev | Tags: melanurus

The melanurus wrasse is usually out and about, but I'd noticed over the past few weeks it was looking thinner and thinner. I'd watch closely when I dumped in my "dumptruck of food" as my buddy Evan used to say, and the fish would eat some food, but would also miss portions as if his aim was off.


Mar 2018

Who let out all the helium?

By: melev | Tags: sebae, helium

I've had the Sebae anemone for over three years, but tonight it decided to do something I've never seen previously.  I mean, if water quality goes to crap, anemones may respond accordingly.  Or during a full moon, they may choose to spawn into the reef.


Mar 2018

Corals viewed from above

By: melev | Tags: unknown acro

I'm behind on blogging - and that's not good.  Overall, things are just growing quietly. I took a bunch of pictures, primarily from above. That's because the best view is from that vantage.


Feb 2018

Only a reefer could do this

By: melev | Tags: peroxide spill

As hobbyists, we appreciate the need for a variety of interesting chemicals at our disposal, and usually we use them without incident. Tonight however was different, way way different. About a year ago I received a package with a few bottles of 35% peroxide.


Jan 2018

When you take pictures with a DSLR

By: melev | Tags: comparison, dslr

I wanted to discuss that feeling that you get when you take a picture of your aquarium. Everything looks perfect to your eye, but the camera gives you a blue picture that seems less focused, slightly rounded, and overall it seems rather meh.


Jan 2018

When a Lyretail changes its sex

By: melev | Tags: male anthias

Did you know that if you get a harem of female Lyretail anthias, you'll end up with one or more males at some point? Lyretails are beautiful bright orange fish with a purple eyeliner like Cleopatra, when female.