Jun 2018

Unknown coral update

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Back in February I purchased an unknown acropora from a local store at our frag swap. I thought it was interesting, that it had potential. I had no clue what it was, but something grabbed my interest so I bought it. Looking back at it today, I don't know what I was thinking. lol


Jun 2018

Day 1673, or 4 years and 7 months today!

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Today's the 10th, and that is when I have my camera out to take an updated picture of my reef. I spent time yesterday cleaning the glass in preparation, plus it always looks better after a big cleaning. So here are some pictures for your enjoyment.


May 2018

Quad-zoned Dosing Reservoir

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I build a lot of acrylic products for my customers, and take pride in my work. This is dosing reservoir that was recently ordered, and it came out really nicely.  Each zone holds 1g of solution, such as Alkalinity + Calcium + Magnesium + Acropower perhaps.


May 2018

Dory update

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Dory has found a new spot to sleep. It's rather cute. In the very bottom of the tank in the front, there's a montipora capricornis. About 10 days ago, I saw her from across the room swim deep into the coral, then back out with something in her mouth.


May 2018

Found him

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The melanurus wrasse is usually out and about, but I'd noticed over the past few weeks it was looking thinner and thinner. I'd watch closely when I dumped in my "dumptruck of food" as my buddy Evan used to say, and the fish would eat some food, but would also miss portions as if his aim was off.


Mar 2018

Who let out all the helium?

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I've had the Sebae anemone for over three years, but tonight it decided to do something I've never seen previously.  I mean, if water quality goes to crap, anemones may respond accordingly.  Or during a full moon, they may choose to spawn into the reef.


Mar 2018

Corals viewed from above

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I'm behind on blogging - and that's not good.  Overall, things are just growing quietly. I took a bunch of pictures, primarily from above. That's because the best view is from that vantage.