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Apex Controller Tutorials

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The Apex controller has been around for years, but daily people are asking questions how to program theirs, whether they are brand new users of the product, or people that have owned their controller for quite a while. 

John Halsey has created eight helpful tutorials on Reef2Reef, and I'm going to link them here for you (and me):

Part 1 | Introduction:
Part 2 | Timers:
Part 3 | Automatic Top Off (ATK):
Part 4 | Power Monitoring:
Part 5 | Virtual Outlets:
Part 6 | Alarms:
Part 7 | Feed Cycles:
Part 8 | Lunar Schedule & Lighting Profiles:

Additionally here on Melev's Reef, I have my own page that discusses how I've been using mine for over a decade. My Apex has controlled lighting, heaters, cooling, and tracked water parameters perfectly. And as of 2019, via the Trident it has even started to control how my calcium reactor operates to further automate my system. If anything gets of out range, I get an email notification as well as a text on my phone. Having the ability to open up an app to quickly make instant changes is helpful, and their web-based browser login allows me to use any handy device to make adjustments as well.  Included in the next link is quite a bit of my code. I need to update it soon, as I have added a few more things since that page was last edited:

Melev's Reef is an Apex supplier. Controllers and many accessories are available from the shop area:


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