Jul 2016

Melev's Reef Mugs Now Available

By: melev | Tags: coffee mug

It's those little things that make life more enjoyable right? Here's something new I'm very proud of, a good looking coffee mug with my favorite website emblazoned on both sides.  No matter how you hold it, you'll show your friends which website you turn to for knowledge and purchases.


Jul 2016

LFS Bus Tour 2016 - DFWMAS

By: melev | Tags: bus tour

For the third year in a row, or is it the fourth perhaps, DFWMAS hosted another LFS Bus Tour. I did a video about the tour last year, so this year's video is more about things that were intesting to me rather than documenting what has been seen before on my channel.


Jun 2016

Necessary shade

By: melev | Tags: black foam, shade, refugium

For many years, I've used foam sheets from Hobby Lobby (most hobby craft stores have these) to keep the refugium light off the rest of my gear. People often think they need colored or black acrylic in their sumps to avoid algae growth in other compartments and within their skimmer / reactors.


Jun 2016

Magnetic stirrer for water tests

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A few weeks ago, I saw something really neat and contacted that person for more information. If possible I hope to sell these from my shop, but for now let me showcase what he sent me as a gift. It's impressive!


May 2016

When visiting the LFS...

By: melev | Tags: twin spot, dory, hippo

Today's club event took place at Saltwater Paradise. I made the trip across town not only to attend, but to do a PAR meter demonstration using the brand new Apogee meter for everyone in attendance.


May 2016

Nyos Quantum 300 Skimmer Review (video)

By: melev | Tags: nyos 120, nyos 300, review

After months of use, regular cleanings, minor adjustments and a full breakdown twice, I'm releasing my product review of the Nyos Quantum 300 protein skimmer.  I love the look of it, but what pleases me most is how quiet it is.  It's dead silent.  Here's the full video, including breakdown.