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What is a sump? (German)

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Wie funktioniert ein Technikbecken???

Ein Technikbecken gibt einem größere Kontrolle über das Korallenriff- oder Fischaquarium. Die Vorteile übertreffen die Risiken bei Weitem und so werden die meisten erfolgreichen Aquarien, die man sieht, mit einem Technikbecken betrieben. Einige davon beinhalten sogar ein Refugium. Hier sind die zahlreichen Vorteile, die durch den Einsatz eines Technikbeckens an Ihrem derzeit laufenden System entstehen:



What is a sump? (Spanish)

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¿Qué es un sumidero?

Un sumidero (sump) darle más control sobre su arrecife o peces-solamente tanque de exponer. Los benficios sobre exceder los riesgos, y así los aquarios más exictosos que ve ultilizan un sumidero (sump). Algunos incorporar un refugium también. Acá hay numerosos beneficios derivado de incorporar un sumider (sump) dentro de su configuración actual:


Installing a Sump in an Existing Setup

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Quite often, I receive email about how to install a new sump in an existing setup with a tank full of water and livestock. So this page has been created to document the process and to give you some ideas to consider. Here's the tank in question, a 79g reef tank on a stand that is 48" long and 17" wide.


Constructing an acrylic sump

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To build a sump yourself, you'll need the proper tools and a flat work surface. Be sure to check out my tools page: , so gather up some of these items and read over the pages here on Melev's Reef. I share quite a bit of information to help you decide if this is something you'd like to do yourself...

This is the order of what to glue together when:


Model "C" Sump

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When I get called to design a sump for a built-in wall unit, it's tricky. Normal home construction usually won't factor in any type of room to install aquarium filtration and the wall studs are typically in the way. Usually no matter how the stand is built, the sump just doesn't seem to fit. In this case, a small sump (pictured below) was installed to care for the needs of a 340g 8' long tank. After two years, and flooded carpeting too numerous to count, I was asked to build them something new that would help their reef and keep the carpeting dry.


Model "H" Sump

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This sump is designed to fit under a 200g reef. Two drainlines will be plumbed into it, with the majority of the water draining into the skimmer section and a lesser amount into the refugium. Both zones drain into the common return zone, and the water is pumped back up to the display tank with an external pump. This is an oversized version of the Model G-EXT sump.


Model "G" Sump

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When someone likes a certain sump but wants it bigger, what happens is a new model is born.  The Model F layout was what the customer wanted, but they wanted it BIGGER.  The layout is the same, although there's a larger bubble tower in this particular sump so the user could place carbon in that compartment whenever he desired. 


Model "E" Sump

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Smaller sumps are still practical because they hide your aquarium's equipment and eliminate the need for hang-on-back skimmers and reactors.  It places the heater in an area out of sight, and you can even install cooling fans to help keep temperatures within target range.  The Model E sump was designed for to hold a very small skimmer on the left.


Model "F" Sump

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The Model F design is built as seen below. Water enters from both ends simultaneously and flows into the center. A submersible internal pump in the center section will pump water back up to the tank.

This has become the most popular of the sumps I build and is copied by many that want to make their own.  I've seen stores with this similar layout under their display tanks because it provides beneficial filtration and incorporates a nice refugium zone.

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