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Model "H" Sump

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This sump is designed to fit under a 200g reef. Two drainlines will be plumbed into it, with the majority of the water draining into the skimmer section and a lesser amount into the refugium. Both zones drain into the common return zone, and the water is pumped back up to the display tank with an external pump. This is an oversized version of the Model G-EXT sump.

Unlike the Model F, this sump allows for an external pump specifically. It is 60" x 16" x 16" with a narrow refugium. It can hold a maximum of 62 gallons, but runs with room for 20 gallons. The upper bracing keeps the sump strong for the full 60" span and salt creep stays inside where it belongs rather than on the walls of the cabinetry.

The refugium has a channel behind it, which is a part of the return section. The water flows through the teeth into that return section.

Above, you can see the water level is higher in the refugium (12") compared to the surrounding return section at 8".

This is the skimmer section, which will house most skimmers easily. 18" x 16" x 9"

As you can see, this sump is a little more than half full when running it at these levels (above).

The end view may help you see the different water levels between the refugium zone and the return zone.

A 1.5" bulkhead is installed in the rear section, to allow the use of an external pump.

A 1.5" street elbow prevents microbubbles from being sucked into the pump. Water is gathered from the bottom 1" of the return section to assure that it stays bubble-free.

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