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Aquashella Chicago

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Sept 27-28, 2019, Chicago, IL: This year's Aquashella-Chicago event was a blast. Two full days of aquatic-ness, for freshwater people, saltwater people and even reptile owners. Kids got their faces painted and had a designated area for them to play, there was a Great White shark for them to attempt to conquer, and plenty of vivid things to see. The art is my favorite part, and this year there were two rooms full of colorful pieces for saltwater as well as freshwater. The music was hopping, the vendors filled the building in every room, and thousands milled about. I was a speaker on Saturday, and the host of Celebrity Jeopardy on Sunday (you'll have to see that on Coralfish12g's channel). I saw two things I loved, neither of which I could afford but I included them in the video.

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