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Water chemistry - wish it was more stable

Both tanks are continuing to do well without B-Ionic, but my every-other-day dosing of the two Seachem pH/Calcium buffers seems pretty haphazard. Both tanks have high Alkalinity now (14 and 15dKH) and high Calcium (460 and 470ppm), but the livestock seems fine.

The main BTA seems to be moving closer to itself, instead of trying to tear itself in half yet again. In the next few days I'll see what it finally decided upon.

The Wavy Turban (Tiquel) snail in the 29g died, probably due to the higher Alk. (I guess that negates my comment above about the livestock being fine!), but while visiting the LFS I found a baby Tiquel that I had to have. :)

One final time, I purchased an Anthias for the 55g. It was at the LFS for over 2 weeks and I'm guessing that is as good as it is going to get. I added it to the tank, but only time will tell if it will work out. It is a real jumper though, and danced around in the bag while being handled. I hope it doesn't jump right out of the tank!

Quite a few corals are growing nicely, and I'll be posting some new pictures very soon.

pH continues to be a problem in my tank, staying near 8.0 while the house is closed up. Today's weather was beautiful and I was able to open the doors and windows and both tanks had a pH of 8.3 - the house seems to have a C02 problem, but I don't know what I can do about it. It is all electric, so I can't guess what is causing it.

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