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Water testing - with mixed results

I took some water tests today to see what is going on with the water chemistry. Results page

The 55g has 0 nitrates! Pretty hard to believe considering that I feed it more than in the past. I guess my DSB is working perfectly as well as the macro algae growing in the refugium. I need to switch out the light over my 29g's refugium to improve the growth in there too.

My Alkalinity and pH are very low in that tank, because I ran out of B-Ionic weeks ago. I've been dosing two products from Seachem sporadically, and added some pH buffer tonight to bring up the pH and Alk again.

The red numbers on my parameters page are the ones that are unusual or inconsistent with NSW levels. The salinity was up in the 29g two weeks ago, about the same time those zoanthids looked so bad.

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