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Got a deal on salt today

I have been out of ESV's B-Ionic for a full seven days now. It is on backorder and I'll have to wait two more weeks! ARGH! For now I've been dosing with Seachem's pH buffer and Calcium, but it is not a stable system and I worry my tanks might suffer during the wait.

I got in two buckets of the new Oceanic salt (200g worth each). I tested a sample of it about a month ago, and a local vendor offered these for $35 each!! I couldn't pass up a bargain like that. I remember paying $18 a bag (50g worth) a while back, and then $50 for a bucket of Kent's Sea Salt. Besides the great price, this salt has some very good readings thus far, with Magnesium and Calcium levels way up where they belong. I'm hoping it will be a good reliable salt.

The BTA hasn't changed much since the split. Every two or three days I attempt to feed it, and it responds but doesn't swallow the food whole. It seems to get what it needs and lets go of the food. The larger one of the two has been growing a couple of new rows of tiny tentacles, which looks like a good indication of growth and recovery.

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