55g - LEDs for latenight moonlighting

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Computer fans sometimes include colored LED lighting, purely for visual effect. I thought that I could probably utilize them not only for cooling my reef, but also to create some moonlighting for the late night hours.

My 3g Pico tank

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My 3g Pico tank ran for about a year, providing a tiny splash of color in my kitchen.  The tank was later repurposed to treat infested corals, and then became the Suncoral Tank for several years.

Having trouble fitting a sump under a 55 gallon Reef?

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After giving it some thought, I came up with a solution! What I needed was something that would fit in a very narrow area, due to the bracing in the back of the stand. However, I had more space on both sides of the brace, which would add up to more gallons of water if utilized. I gave this a lot of thought, trying to come up with a way to install the sump within the stand without having to take down the tank in the process. After a few weeks, I finally realized the perfect solution.

55g - Adding Metal Halides

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Early in 2003, I bought a virtually new MH setup from a member of ReefCentral.com. The only thing I was lacking were the quick disconnect cords that run from the mogul sockets to the ballast, but another person pointed me to PremiumAquatics.com. $18 later, I was finally in a position to fire them up! This is a PFO Dual 175w system, which I feel is plenty for a 55 gallon tank. The aquarium is narrow, and not very deep. Using Ushio 10,000K mogul-based MH bulbs, the tank still needed actinic supplementation.

55g Reef

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11/03/02 - New 55 Gallon Setup: It was in a home in the Azle area, and was in really sad shape. The husbandry was pathetic, merely because they didn't have someone good to mentor them.

29g - How to Build a SCWD closed-loop

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The plumbing of all this together is truly a jigsaw puzzle of pieces. I'll try to help you out. Basically, I stood in the plumbing aisle almost 2 hours figuring out what fit into what, and laid them out like a skeleton in my shopping cart so I'd not have to make a return trip.

29g - Closed loop in an undrilled tank

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I wanted to run a closed-loop system on my undrilled 29 gallon aquarium. My goal was to use the SCWD WAVEMAKER, and be able to replace two MaxiJet 1200 powerheads. This is how it was plumbed:

29g Canopy Design

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The 29g needed a nice looking canopy.  It replaced the standard plastic light fixture the aquarium used previously, and had to house the power compact bulbs.  Since I was building it myself, and the lights were also a DIY project, I designed it so the canopy would flip open completely to provide easier access to the tank and not be blinded by lighting.