Artificial Salt Mixes used

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I've used a number of brands but usually stay with one I like for years at a time.  Two brands I liked: Red Sea's Pro Reef & Kent's Sea Salt.  From 2011 to 2014, I've used Sybon's Reef Formula.

Present Livestock list

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Since the 400g and the 60g Anemone Cube are tied into the same sump, all livestock will be listed below. This list needs updating from time to time.

I love a mixed reef, and try to make sure the fish I buy are compatible as well as reef-safe.

RO/DI system and Water Storage

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Using a 150gpd system provides 6.25 gallons per hour.  After MACNA 2012, I had a 300gpd system on hand and decided to use it as well.  Running the two systems side by side speeds up water production significantly, at a rate approaching 19 gallons per hour.