Apr 2014

Well that was fun... not

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So I updated the website to the latest software, following the instructions to a T.  And it broke the site.  I should have saved a screenshot. 



Apr 2014

It's never 100% perfect...

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One coral in my reef turned very pale. And oddly enough, that same exact species is in two other locations and did the exact same thing. It's very light, after shedding its zooxanthellae for whatever reason.


Feb 2014

Day 107: All is going well

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The tank is running very smoothly, and is oblivious to the weather outside.  It's been icy cold, and then a few days later in the 80s.  They call this winter, but it doesn't feel like it to me. Here are a few pictures from February.


Jan 2014

Day 56

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The 400g has been running with livestock for almost two months now.  I need to do better about updating this blog section (I've been blogging about my tank on Reef Addicts since 2010), so I'll endeavor to get those updates made here as well.


Jun 2013

June Pictures

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Still awaiting the replacement tank to arrive, but that doesn't mean the livestock is on hold.  It continues to grow and thrive, and here are some pictures taken this month.



Apr 2013

A few frag tank pictures from April

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As time goes by, corals grow in.  Even in a frag tank.  My little frag tank holds some special pieces for me, obtained by local hobbyists as well as local events.  I've been waiting for the new 400g to arrive, and the corals are crowding each other in anticipation.


Mar 2013

Making water time

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It's time to refill the 265g poly tank. Using two boosted RO/DI systems makes this task faster even in the colder months of the year. After replacing the DI cartridge, I started the units at 2 a.m. and by 8 p.m. it was full. 18 hours produced about 240g of RO/DI ...


Mar 2013

Next Wave 2013 - from a vendor's POV

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For the past few years, I've been evolving from a hobbyist to a vendor in this industry. It's a tough transition for a few reasons, but at my heart I continue to be a hobbyist to the core. At our club's annual one-day conference, I set up a booth as a vendor.


Dec 2012

Marineland's Customer Service

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Everyone has been asking me about the newly repaired tank, if it has been set up, when am I going to reveal the latest aquascaping, etc. The tank is empty, just as it arrived.