Oct 2014

What's that little thing?

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Shooting a few shots with my macro lens yesterday, I spotted an oddity on a branch of the staghorn coral and focused on that area momentarily.  It looks like a SPS polyp captured a small piece of a LPS hammer's tip that came off somehow. It's about the right size and shape.


Oct 2014

Dosing Containers [video]

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Part of what is sold on my site is built by me.  Here's a quick video showcasing two different sized triple-doser reservoirs that I recently built.  You can order the standard sizes offered or I can build something custom to suit your system's needs.


Oct 2014

Super cute, right?

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Since MACNA, I've really enjoyed the mated pair of Golden Dwarf Moray eels I brought home.  They are quite active and out any time food hits the water.  While they live in the rockwork most of the time, one or both will swim in the open looking for food.


Jun 2014

Comparing PAR of new & old bulbs

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I recently purchased some new ballasts and bulbs for the 400g.  I've been observing the livestock and debated whether to change the current configuration to only 250w bulbs or to upgrade all the way across to 400w bulbs.


May 2014

Interviewed at Reefapalooza Orlando

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Thomas Brown did a nice compilation of the interviews at RAP-Orlando, and my interview is interspersed within several segments of the episode.  I made it a point to mess with him the entire time, so it would be fun.


May 2014

Back to back shows

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For the past two weekends, a big Melev's Reef booth was set up to tell others about the new site, the new products available for purchase, and to meet and greet with fellow reef enthusiasts.