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Routing an existing sump's baffle

This evening, I pulled out the sump/refugium under the 29g reef to make a couple of alterations. I needed to trim the baffle before the return section about half an inch, to create a slight downhill momentum so the water in the refugium would not tend to stagnate. Microbubbles have been collecting there on a daily basis, and I've been swishing around a piece of plastic to stir up the surface daily. Once the sump was drained of most of the water, I took it into the garage and masked off as much as possible to avoid dropping any acrylic shavings into the refugium. The baby Ocellaris was in about 1" of water the entire time, and not happy.

I was able to route out a section in the center of the baffle, but not as much as I would have preferred. Of course, making a modification like this on a finished (and used) product is never pretty, but I was able to make it work.

While the sump was out, I removed the 6500K spiral bulb and reflector, and replaced it with a 5100K floodlight. I've been using that new bulb over the other refugium for months with great succeess, so I wanted to make the change with this setup as well.

Everything was reinstalled and the water I drained was replaced with new saltwater. I started mixing new saltwater three days ago, but work prevented me from doing water changes on all the tanks. Each tank got a 10g water change this evening.

Also, the UPS lady brought me my B-Ionic finally. I am so happy to finally have that product again so I can get back to dosing on a daily basis. I tested the water from both reef tanks a few days ago, and as expected the numbers were still out of whack. It is actually pretty amazing how well the corals have done, considering the huge fluctuations in pH, alkalinity and calcium over the past 3 months. I dosed both tanks tonight, and look forward to stable numbers in the near future.

One of the new T-5 actinic lights did not come on today, but later did. I'm going to have to replace it with a new one, since it is only a couple of weeks old.

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