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Marc Levenson - Biography

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Marc “melev” Levenson has been in the hobby since 1997, blogging his experiences about his own reef on his website to help others learn good husbandry skills. Most recently he’s become an online personality with over 67000 followers on his YouTube channel (melevsreef) also geared at helping other reefers through his personal experiences, including a weekly livestream for roughly two hours every Saturday where anyone can hop on and ask a question. His website’s articles, blogs, and Critter ID cover topics like pest control, feeding techniques, working with acrylics, reef photography and water chemistry to name a few. His online store carries many products like his RODI systems, custom sumps and even includes some items that he himself invented as clever solutions to make reefkeeping easier.

Marc is a nationally recognized speaker, who regularly recommends supporting local club events, shopping local fish stores, and interacting with others via social media. He is currently the president of the Dallas-Fort Worth Marine Aquarium Society (DFWMAS). His other hobby is diving, exploring natural reefs. His current tanks are a 400-gallon reef, a 60-gallon anemone cube, and a 27-gallon nano filled with captive bred fish and aquacultured corals. 

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