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New zoas; hunting pests still

  • yawningpseudoweb

I added a few new zoos from a local reefer's tank last night. Most of the zoanthids haven't opened up yet, for various reasons. Mostly because my hermit crabs are checking out the new guys and that causes the polyps to remain closed. Some very light pink ones have fallen off their perch twice, so I couldn't get a good picture of those either.

These are the prettiest ones of the ones I got, and they were open today.

New Zoanthids. They are the size of a pencil eraser or smaller.

I'm still scouring the 55g for whelks, and found another nine last night. Look at how small they are. Newly captured. Even during the hunt, they were climbing right out of that cup!

A friend brought over two new corals. A Fungia baby that is about the size of a penny, and a Favite that wasn't doing well under his PC lighting. The Fungia (or Plate Coral) was fluffed up today, extending short feeder tentacles. The Favite (or Moon Coral) will have to adapt to the new conditions and hopefully grow healthy again. It has some recession in the tissue and the edges of the coral look lost, but the main section shows promise. My clean up crew should pick off all the bits of algae that are growing on the skeleton base where the tissue receeded.

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