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The frag system update

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The frag system has been less fun that I'd hoped.  Water quality has been an issue because it's just not as stable as I like. While skimming is hands-free as well as top off, dosing three part to the tank is an unpleasant task for me. I'm spoiled by my calcium reactor on the big reef, and would probably love one on this smaller tank. Mixing up the solutions, replenishing the reservoirs as they run out, making sure the parameters are on target or adjusting the dosing pumps to compensate for preferred numbers... not a fan.

Since adding Murderer to that tank, I've been even less inclined to deal with it. I feed him every night, as well as the yellow tang. Because I can't have a clean up crew in this tank, I run the lights 3 hours a day to avoid terrible nuisance algae. Tonight as I looked into the tank while feeding the puffer, I suddenly realized that the rock in this tank is covering up with coralline at last. I remember most of last year, these rocks were green looking, as if they were dipped in green dye. The green faded, but it didn't look more than a pile of rocks. Over time, the numbers have moved in the right direction because coralline grows when the parameters are good.

Look at the coralline spreading on this branch rock. There's even a dark red coralline growing.  The leading edge of the purple coralline is white and you can see quite a few edges in this picture. Suddenly I care more about the tank again.


Don't get me wrong, I see all the flaw right now.  Hair algae, the back glass looks somewhat furry, there are majanos on the rockwork that need eradicating, and bubble algae that needs to be plucked.  The puffer never did go to his new home, which I've been holding for that new owner for some time.  I may have to drop Murderer off at the LFS instead, because I have other livestock that needs this tank next week.



And yes, I need to mix up 3-gallons of solution for the alkalinty, calcium and magnesium. I'll do that too, and once the puffer is out I'll replenish the clean up crew to get rid of the nuisance algae.

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