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The Trident saved my reef today

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As many of you know, I highly urge everyone to test their water on Saturdays. I did so that night, and the Elos Alkalinity test kit measured 9.0 dKH. The Trident measured just slightly higher at 9.3 dKH. All is well, everything is running perfectly.

I just opened up Fusion moments ago and noticed that my alkalinity had plummeted to 7.5 dKH, and the graph showed a steady decline since midnight Tuesday morning. Over the past 48 hours, alkalinity dropped 2 full points. I need to create some type of alert in Fusion, apparently.


All about the frags

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  • aiptasia-rx
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Once the front viewing panel was scraped clean of film algae, the corals looked a lot better. While my arm was wet, I tried out some Aiptasia Rx today to see how well it would work.  Too bad the peppermint shrimp in the tank don't do what I hired them to do. Maybe they'll get motivated?

Water parameters are doing quite well these days in this tank. I seem to have the dosers dialed into a good spot.

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