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All about the frags

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Once the front viewing panel was scraped clean of film algae, the corals looked a lot better. While my arm was wet, I tried out some Aiptasia Rx today to see how well it would work.  Too bad the peppermint shrimp in the tank don't do what I hired them to do. Maybe they'll get motivated?

Water parameters are doing quite well these days in this tank. I seem to have the dosers dialed into a good spot.

  • Alkalinity 15ml every 8 hours  (45ml per day)
  • Calcium 12ml every 8 hours (36ml per day)
  • Magnesium 10ml every 8 hours (30ml per day)

The CB yellow tang looks healthy, but is pretty shy when I get too near except during feedings. All those tiny cerith snails that bred in my tank are now a decent size, found everywhere throughout the system keeping things clean. Although, one has gotten caught in the vortech pump and caused the wetside to fall off. They are just the right size to fit in the narrow grate of the cage, stopping the impellar. 

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