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Japanese Pygmy Angelfish

  • Japanese Pygmy Angelfish

This fish had a back story, so I made a video about it. It's a rare fish, and considered reasonably reef safe. When I first saw it so long ago, I was blown away and always wished I could get one.  C. interruptus is usually wild-caught, but I was able to get this one from a fish breeder who raised it from eggs. It's still a juvenile, at 9 months old. 

Hatched Sept 7, 2021, "Flare" has a new home with me.  Video:



A difficult decision

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I tend to overthink everything, and like to work systematically toward growth both for my business as well as the youtube audience I've acquired over the past couple of years. Some videos are easy to do, others are very involved both in the filming process as well as the editing portion. My goal is to be informative and still semi-entertaining so as not to bore people. We all lead busy lives, and don't have the time to watch every last word / frame of a video, yet I actually worry about every last word and frame before I compile and upload it for the world to see.

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