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Apex Controller Tutorials

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The Apex controller has been around for years, but daily people are asking questions how to program theirs, whether they are brand new users of the product, or people that have owned their controller for quite a while. 

John Halsey has created eight helpful tutorials on Reef2Reef, and I'm going to link them here for you (and me):


A work-tray that fits multiple tanks

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When I have to do things in the aquarium, I like to have a solid work surface. What I want is something that will fit over the frag tank, over the 400g reef, or over the Anemone Cube. Each tank has a different dimension, so I designed a tray that could be placed over any aquarium using varied lengths of PVC pipe. This first tray is intentionally made to be right above the water's surface, allowing me to place fragging tools in the tray, as well as work with pieces of live rock.


I warned you that I was going to do it... and I did it.

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In my live stream on Saturday, I announced to the world that I was going to hook up an ATO to my christmas tree. Why? Because I'm crazy.  No seriously, once I tried to water the tree on the first day I knew that was going to be such a pain.  The tree hasn't even had ornaments hung upon it yet, and I had to stick my head into the branches and using a flashlight see how much water I needed to add. No way I was going to do that for the next five to six weeks.

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