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A difficult decision

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I tend to overthink everything, and like to work systematically toward growth both for my business as well as the youtube audience I've acquired over the past couple of years. Some videos are easy to do, others are very involved both in the filming process as well as the editing portion. My goal is to be informative and still semi-entertaining so as not to bore people. We all lead busy lives, and don't have the time to watch every last word / frame of a video, yet I actually worry about every last word and frame before I compile and upload it for the world to see.

minus9subsI don't work from a script. I speak from the heart, and share what I've learned over time. I don't want to mislead anyone, because that won't help their aquarium thrive. Sometimes I say the wrong word during the filming process, and don't notice until I'm in editing mode which is pretty much too late... unless I'm doing a voiceover. Those I can fix on the spot. Friends that have followed me for years get my sense of humor, know where I'm coming from and tag along for the ride. Newer hobbyists that don't know me may read the situation differently, at least at first.

Today I uploaded a series of videos about the RO/DI system I sell. I've been selling them for many years, but only had written online instructions to follow. These videos are LONG OVERDUE, considering the quality of content I've been putting out for the past 24 months. When I wanted to shoot some installation videos, I didn't have the time. Finally I had the time, but my inventory was depleted - not a great time to promote my product when I knew there would be a wait for new orders. So they waited until the timing was right, until my pallet of parts arrived so I could build more units.

With trepidation, I uploaded six videos today and wasn't sure how that would be received. They needed to be online so I could link them to my products, and to help my existing customers that are buying RO systems and filters and membranes. This evening I saw a few people unsubscribed.  That's the first time I've observed this, ever. Maybe they felt my channel will only be self-promoting ads? Or that I'll blow up their notifications with new uploads? I do have to eat, and it only makes sense to showcase things I offer from my shop. And heads up y'all, I have more plans in the works, and hope that won't chase away more people during this transitional period.  I'll be releasing the newer version of soon, and part of the newer site will include short video clips to enhance the Critter ID section of the website. When people are shopping in their favorite fish store and google a critter, I'd hope when they land on the item on my site, they'll like the information provided as well as a brief clip of the live animal on display. Heck, they may want to point out that what is on my site doesn't match what the store says they are selling, incase something was mislabeled. So if you happen upon a slurry of youtube activity, you'll know why. 

There's no reason to upload them in stealth mode, because invariably someone out there was waiting for this exact information and should be able to access it. 

My channel will continue to be about education and fun things to see, but it will also include videos about products I sell because this is what I do for a living. In a world of youtube first, read articles later, I've adjusted my stance on how I share content these days. My blogs will continue to be posted when I have something useful to share, and the same goes for my channel. I still shoot for my goal to release weekly videos, I can assure you.

All I'm really asking you is to trust me, and see where this goes. If you run off too soon, you may miss out on the fun. If you still think the same way, no harm no foul.  

Happy reefing.

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