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Youtube during 2018

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For fun, being curious about how many videos I'd uploaded to my youtube channel last year, and after checking analytics as well as metrics, these are some interesting statistics:

Total videos released in 2018: 87
Total edited videos: 42
Total livestreams: 45
Views: 2.2 million
Total time viewed: 275,386 hours (11,474 days, or 31.4 years worth of view time)
Geographical Location: United States 59.1%, UK 9.5%, Canada 4.7%, Australia 3.6%
Audience Age range: 60.5% of viewers are between 25 and 44 years old, 17.1% between 18 and 24 years old, 13% are between 45 and 54 years old.
Gender: 12.7% are women, 87.3% are men
Current subscribers: 47,116

And these devices are what people watched videos upon:


I haven't compiled data from 2017 to compare, but growth is clearly occuring. Seeing that nearly 20% of people are watching youtube on their televisions last year is notable, and seeing that more women are following the channel shows (finally) that there are women hobbyists in what has been considered male-dominated for decades. I believe the female percentage is even higher; perhaps they aren't logging into youtube under their own account to accurately represent their group.

Most popular 2018 edited video was Confessions of a Well-Seasoned Hobbyist (Duane's SPS reef) with 66,905 views.  Most popular livestream was Let's Discuss Water Changes with 21,990 views.

The Clowntube Slide video has reached a current 1.2 million views, and the follow up video about that subject has been viewed 133,000 times.  That's amazing to me, and I still remember how I filmed that process with two iPhones back in 2015. 

The 20,000g Long Island Aquarium video is over 475,000 views, in second place. And in third place is the Bubble Tip Anemones - What you need to know video that has resonated with people the most, just shy of 400,000 views.

2019 has started off well. I've decided to add a mid-week series of videos about how the 400g reef was built from scratch in addition to the regular content that is being put out.

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