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Faulty wiring discovered

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It seems like lately most of my blogs seem to be about the Apex.  I'll try to work on that and add some other things in here from time to time.

The Apex saved my home. Sorta. For the past couple of days, I was getting Power Lost alerts from Fusion, yet everything was on. The reef was normal, tv was normal, internet was normal, the only thing I was seeing was the lights in the bathrooms would flicker a little and I assumed it was brownouts.


Super cute, right?

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Since MACNA, I've really enjoyed the mated pair of Golden Dwarf Moray eels I brought home.  They are quite active and out any time food hits the water.  While they live in the rockwork most of the time, one or both will swim in the open looking for food.  Sometimes they'll take up space in the Vortech pump since I shut it off during feedings, so I have to always check before turning it back on again.  They like krill, but I've also observed them eating sinking pellet food off the substrate.


A better way to count bubbles

While visiting Lunchbucket's reef in South Dakota, I noticed his Calcium Reactor bubble counter was moving in slow motion. It was really neat, and later at Goodwin9's home, I got a bottle of the mystery syrup.

I noticed my bubble counter was empty again as of yesterday (it either evaporates or bubbles the liquid up the airline tubing), so I cleaned it well and filled it up with this oil.

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