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When your protein skimmer keeps overflowing, try this

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From time to time our protein skimmers decide to overflow constantly, usually right back into the sump or even worse all over the cabinet and nearby floor. Typically this is caused by adding something to the water, like Chemi-Clean/RedCyano Rx, or it perhaps a food like Reefbooster. Skimmers also can be affected by changes in weather when the barometric pressure drops in your area. Another cause could be the use of new filter socks.

**Whenever a storm approaches, I highly recommend you clean out the collection cup of any skimmate so it doesn't end up back in the sump.**

I made this video to show you how I overcome the problem in a matter of hours, rather than shutting off the protein skimmer for days out of frustration... which people often tell me they do. Shut off your top off system, let the skimmer drain into a nearby bucket and replenish the tank with more saltwater to replace what has been wasted. If you do this, within a few hours the skimmer will be running like usual once more. Now turn the top off system again, and enjoy your reef.

If your protein skimmer always overflows, this is an entirely different topic and you will have to determine the cause. The most likely situation is the water level in the skimmer zone is too deep, and your skimmer needs to be placed on a stand to elevate it to the recommended depth. I sell skimmer stands if you need one.

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