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2021 - Time for a big update

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When I first set up my website in the early 2000s, I created a few pages in HTML using Notepad. Later using Dreamweaver, the website took shape. I was blogging about my reef tanks constantly, and adding identifications regularly. From time to time I wrote an article hoping to help others solve problems they'd encountered that I'd already battled.

And I began to sell products, a small handful of things I made.


I'm at the gate now...

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I got through the international security here at LAX three hours before my flight, and was able to do a short livestream from the Fiji Airways gate. I posed the question: What's the furthest you've traveled to see a natural reef.  As you can see above, this one was significant. My furthest, in fact. And in Kilometers, it's 10600.75 km.  That sounds even more impressive.

It's my hope that by 8:30 am Sunday morning, I'll be on Suvasuva, heading to join my group of friends to go diving immediately.  It's been too long since I 'blew some bubbles' as the divers like to say. :)


I'm supposed to be flying toward Fiji...

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Last February, I booked my trip from Dallas to Suvasuva, Fiji... and the entire time all was well.  Until this morning, that is. I got an email mere hours before I'm about to depart, learning that the first leg of my trip has been pushed three hours later than my itinerary listed. That delay meant I would miss the second flight, which is the big one over the Pacific Ocean. Immediately I called the airlines to figure out what was going on, and was referred to the original company that provided this offer. The conversation was naturally frustrating, and took over an hour.


It's happening, yet again. Website Upgrade WIP.

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Melev's Reef has been my pride and joy since I started building the very first webpage back in 2003. Nearly 14 years later, it's time for the next incarnation.  Plans are in motion with careful attention to the overall design for a 2017 look that is easy to navigate no matter what device you use. The shop area is getting a huge upgrade, among other things. In the coming weeks, a team will be working quietly to bring this newer version to life, and I'm super excited.

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