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I'm at the gate now...

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I got through the international security here at LAX three hours before my flight, and was able to do a short livestream from the Fiji Airways gate. I posed the question: What's the furthest you've traveled to see a natural reef.  As you can see above, this one was significant. My furthest, in fact. And in Kilometers, it's 10600.75 km.  That sounds even more impressive.

It's my hope that by 8:30 am Sunday morning, I'll be on Suvasuva, heading to join my group of friends to go diving immediately.  It's been too long since I 'blew some bubbles' as the divers like to say. :)

I've got a bunch of goodies in my carry-on to keep myself busy during the flight, but I plan to sleep through most of it. The time difference between home and my destination is 19 hours, so I shouldn't really see any jet lag.

Here's the stream if you missed it.


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