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Let's Adopt a Coral Thicket!

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I’m going on vacation!! My destination happens to be near the Coral Restoration Foundation facility in Bonaire. If you haven’t heard of the good work CRF does, click on this link to learn more.

While there, I'm seizing the opportunity to contribute by replanting coral frags back into the ocean with them. Here’s where you come in... If we raise $1000, we can adopt a coral thicket in the name of Club Melevsreef. I’ve created a donate link (and QR code) for you to easily contribute money toward our adopted coral thicket.

***Quick point I need to be clear about: I'm paying for my trip and none of your money will be used for my vacation.***

All funds received will go to the Coral Restoration Foundation’s adoption program. I will be sure to update you with our progress over the days leading up to my trip in Club Melevsreef on facebook. I'm planning to film what they do there, including a capture of our tag being attached to the coral thicket, and a few weeks later they will send a picture of our hand-painted sign attached to their Pole of Fame. I hope you are excited to participate in this project as much am I am!

Click to Donate:
Click to learn more about the program:

We have nine days to do this, I think it's possible.

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