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29g Growth Progression

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Just for fun, I thought I'd document the various images I took of my 29g over time.  Here's how it all started in 1998.

3 - 25 - 2002

Actually, I can't believe how boring my tank was for several years. I got back into the hobby once I got divorced, wanting to finally spend some money on myself. $400 later, I had my own 29g tank.. What shocks me is that I had the tank running for about 4 years and look at how sad it was. Btw, I still have one of these True Perculas (the other one jumped out!), and the Blue Damsel.


When I finally bit the bullet to upgrade my lighting, I had to build a canopy to match the original stand. This is when the obsession took over. I'd been reading and posting in rec.aquaria.marine.reefs (newsgroup) and visiting various LFS in my area. I can't tell you how many times I was told to go to Reef Central, but kept blowing it off. While ordering from Jeff's Exotic Fish on the phone, I was asked if I was going to attend MACNA since it was going to take place in Ft Worth. Not having a clue what it was, I turned to a thread on RC to find out just why I should attend. One of the members of DFWMAS convinced me to pony up the funds, and the rest is history. Now armed with vast amounts of information from MACNA, I was ready to tackle my own tank with so good solutions.

Below you'll see a major change in the tank. Pre-MACNA, I'd just built my own overflow box and sump. The other equipment was added in the next few months now that I knew what was necessary to keep a reef tank.



29g non-drilled tank
Closed Loop with SCWD
Aqua C Remora Protein Skimmer
3 x 55w PC lighting (50% daylight - 50% actnic)
Sump & Refugium fill with macro algae
Mag 5 return pump
Phytoplankton dosed every other day

10 - 02 - 2002

2 - 22 - 2003

You can see the new closed loop installed now.


2 - 28 - 2003


3 - 19 - 2003

The BTA and the Colt coral were both taking up large amounts of space.


7 - 30 - 2003


8 - 02 - 2003

The Colt coral shrunk back more over the next few months, until it finally was removed. I still have a frag of this today.


9 - 21 - 2003


11 - 27 - 2003


12 - 31 - 2003


1 - 10 - 2004

The BTA soon split after this image into 4 little ones.


5 - 18 - 2004


6 - 22 - 2004

In July 2004, the contents of this tank was transferred to a 280g reef.

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