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Quarantine - and getting pest hitchhikers

  • onyx_eggs1

I added a new page to my site recently - Quarantine & Dips for those new arrivals.

Here's a full tank shot from this week of the 280g reef. Click here

Two nights ago, I was very surprised to see the Houston Black Onyx Perculas that I brought to Ft Worth in January 07 were spreading the cheer. These clowns are about 2.5 years old, tank raised by a MARSH member. They don't look at all like the parents I'd been shown (they lack the black areas), but I still love my little guys. They live in the angled tank when you first walk into my home.

This is the very first clutch of eggs they've ever laid, so I'm expecting as they practice, they'll get better at it. :P

A few are on the underside of the mag-rock, although it may be hard to see them.

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