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Tank statistics

Factoids about my tank:

Size: InterAmerican Starfire 280g - 72 x 30 x 30
Lighting: (2) 250w 10,000K + 400w 20,000K + 320w 6' VHO Actinics (picture)
Alkalinity: 11 dKH
Calcium: 475ppm
Magnesium: 1280 - 1400 ppm
Calcium Reactor: Lifereef VS-24 with Milwaukee pH Controller
Salinity: 1.026 sg
Temperature: 79F to 80F daily (maintained with fishroom at 75F with a window a/c)
Peak pH: 8.2 - 8.3
Feeding: Once daily with my home-made frozen mixture
Age: 3 years
Circulation: Little Giant return pump, 3 VorTech pumps (Tunze pictured below is now out)
Sump: DIY acrylic 60 x 36 x 16 with propagation section & refugium (picture)
Miscellaneous: Phosban Reactors for phosphate removal (changed monthly) & to run carbon (changed weekly)
Dosing: Salifert Amino Acids when I think about it
Top off: RO/DI only
Salt: Kent for years, recently switched to Rea Sea Pro Reef - frequent 55g water changes lately.

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