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Dosing Three Parts

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With the frag system, I decided to use dosing pumps and a triple dosing reservoir.  I sell the products I use myself, after all.  Plus, so many hobbyists don't use a calcium reactor these days, so having a common task makes answering questions easier.  There are many brands of dosers on the market. I chose to use the independent Icecap Dosing pumps. You can daisy chain them, adding three slave pumps to the master pump. I only needed two and one for this tank. All three pumps are wired to a single power cord, and are placed on a small shelf above their dosing reservoir.


Frag System Overview

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While I enjoyed my small frag tank attached to the 400g reef, after four years it was due to be broken down.  I also wanted to set up a bigger system, a stand alone system, that would allow me to grow out frags from my reef's cuttings, and provide a separate repository to hold some species safely in case the big tank ever had a nasty disaster.  Plus, with a smaller tank I could do some product testing with normal sized equipment, something I really couldn't do with a 400g setup.

I built the entire thing: 


Some of my frags

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Unlike a traditional frag tank filled with corals to grow out and sell, mine is really a place to putter or enjoy new corals more readily.  The tank is arranged with a variety of items, some easy to see, but there are some elusive critters that come out of hiding occasionally. 

Current livestock:

Suncorals (standard Tubastrea)

Branching Dark Green Tubastrea

Dendrophyllia polyps

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