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I ordered some live rock online

  • Live rock from Florida

I've always preferred live rock when setting up an aquarium. When I bought used aquariums, careful consideration included what type of rock I was getting.  It added to the price of the sale, but was totally worth it for me.  Over the years, I acquired hundreds of pounds which are all in use in my current systems.


Ecotech Marine Vortech Mp40w pump review

  • vortech_pumps-hdr

To create flow in your tank with minimal visual distraction, the VorTech pump is a very nice option. The pump has a wet side that fits inside the tank and a dry side that aligns on the outside, and using magnets it drives the impeller right through the wall of the tank. I've been using the VorTech since January 2006, and liked it enough to get two more to replace my other pumps. I'm a huge fan of these pumps, and here's why:


Ordering corals online?! Here's my experience

  • zoanuts-hdr

4/24/08: For years, I've heard from many of my online friends about the various corals they'd order online. I'd think about the money they spent on their exotic frags, and go about my business. To me, it is much more fun to go to the local fish store (LFS) and browse for the perfect new addition to my tank. I can study it closely, consider how it looks from all angles, and if I like it, buy it on the spot. Within the hour, it is acclimating in my quarantine tank, where it will be treated, dipped and later placed in my reef.


Product Review: Reefbrite's Lumilite

  • fuge-lumilit_0

I installed the Reefbrite Lumilite on my frag system's refugium a couple of months ago to see how it would do.  Honestly, I had a feeling I'd need two of them to handle that area. Still, I had to test it out to see what it could do rather than supercharge my results. Water parameters on that system wander a bit because I don't watch it as closely as I do my reef, but despite that the macro algae has done quite well.


EcoBak Biopellets

  • ecobak-pellets-2-iloveimg-resized

Quite a few people recommended Warner Marine's EcoBak media when it comes to nitrate & phosphate reduction in the aquarium. This was one of the first brands to come to market initially, and for a period it was almost always out of stock. If you've been on the fence, unsure if it is worth the effort, let me assure you that it replaces other choices like vodka dosing... and it does so nicely.


Dosing Prodibio

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Prodibio is company based in France that has a complete line of products to dose your aquarium with. Their website ( lists additives for freshwater, saltwater, fish disease treatment and pond treatment. Since we are primarily Reef Addicts here, I'd like to discuss how I'm using their saltwater dosing system for my reef.


Cobalt Aquatics' Neo-Therm

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I recently received the brand new electronic Neo-Therm submersible heater from Cobalt Aquatics. I was excited to test it out, because it doesn't look like any heater you've ever had before. It's about the thinnest I've ever seen, measuring at 8mm or the unusual 1/3" listed on the box. The best news of all: a Three Year Warranty. Any product that has a 3-year warranty is good in my book, because that usually means the company believes in it enough to make that promise. It is rated to keep the temperature at +/- .5º F, which is a very tight tolerance, and is UL listed.

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