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Product Review: Reefbrite's Lumilite

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I installed the Reefbrite Lumilite on my frag system's refugium a couple of months ago to see how it would do.  Honestly, I had a feeling I'd need two of them to handle that area. Still, I had to test it out to see what it could do rather than supercharge my results. Water parameters on that system wander a bit because I don't watch it as closely as I do my reef, but despite that the macro algae has done quite well.

The Lumilite is a sealed LED fixture that comes with two adjustable legs. This size retails $60, and uses a small 24v power brick. Usually my sumps are 1" taller than the one I'm running now, and the salt spray has been a factor. I'd prefer that the light stay up a little higher to stay cleaner; I've had to wipe it down every couple of weeks to remove the salt accumulations, but that's super easy. I'd personally prefer it if it didn't get saltspray, that's all.




Growth has been excellent. And coralline has grown on neighboring areas, which isn't surprising. I'll have to put up a small foam shield to keep the light contained in the desired zone and shield the rest of the gear from the minor light wash they get. My skimmer has coralline growing on the side facing the refugium.

This LED light uses daylight spectrum which is not only my preference, but what is natural here on earth. According to my Kill-o-Watt, the Lumilite uses 12 watts of power. 

This light has been running about 9 hours a day, cycling on and off via Apex programming.


This light fixture measures 15" long x 1.25" wide x .5" tall. Plus the aluminum sliding legs that fit on a variety of sump styles. I really like the sleek look of it, and very pleased that the plant growth has proven this light can do the job. It comes in different sizes, up to 48" long.

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