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My visit to Austin, Texas

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September 1, 2007I decided to drive down to Austin to visit some of the gorgeous reef tanks I've only seen online. With the help of the Austin Reef Club, we were able to make it a Tank Tour for the day. Fortunately the weather cooperated.

I arrived on August 31 at Aaron's home, where I stayed for two nights. His family was very kind in opening their home to me. That night, we went to Oasis, a beautiful restaurant with outdoor dining over Lake Travis, a Texas lake that is 65 miles long. A live band was playing, but a huge storm rolled in and they had to grab their instruments and run for cover. All the diners had to move under the protective cover or eat inside as the black clouds quickly moved in. The lake vanished, the storm was so powerful, but within an hour the view began to return.

Saturday, I ate at Wahoo's and had their famous fish tacos. That is why you see them in the header at the top of the page. They were my first. And rumor has it that the building in the center of that picture is where Sandra Bulluck lives. I really would have loved to meet Sandy. Maybe next time. ;)

Due to the amount of images, I've broken this up into numerous pages. Each thumbnail represents one of the tanks, so click on each one to see more pictures.

Joseph Le

Andrew (Starfire)

Gabriel (Gkarshens)

Dallis (& GMFett)

Mike (Dudester)

Brian (greenmako)

John (thedude)

Aaron (bmwaaron)

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