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A few top down pictures

Taken with a Nikon D500 with a 40mm lens

  • Blue tort acropora

These pictures were taken under Neptune SKY lighting in Coral Growth mode. I cleaned up the images in Lightroom. 

The reef has been doing well lately. I've been staying on top of water testing, and of course daily glass cleaning duty.  Some of the other things I've done lately:

Dosed Prodibio
Changed the RODI filters
Cleaned the Nyos 300 skimmer's collection cup and squeegee assembly
Cleaned and re-set the algae turf scrubber, pulling out over 2 lbs of green hair algae.
Sent off and received a current ICP test.

The reef is fed every night a mixture of thawed frozen foods. Last water change was a month ago.

Duane's acro

LPS corner

Trex acropora

Red acropora from Ryan

Pearlberry acropora

RBTA with Skunk clownfish

Unknown acropora

Ectoplasm acropora

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