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Sat, 09/03/2005 - 15:49

The frag tank update. Recently someone asked for some pictures.

Here it is from above. Light reflection and all. All pumps and fan off.

From the front it looks much better.

Not only am I holding corals that were donated to the club, but I'm also housing a number of corals that will go back into my reef in the near future now that the water quality has improved.

Some of the corals have changed color, which is totally normal. Different Kelvin lighting, different temperature, treated with Flatworm eXit (100% success), different flow, dosing kalkwasser and adding supplements twice a week, no food whatsoever (imagine that!).... So the purple rimmed monti isn't purple at this time, and a orange cap isn't orange at all now. There have been no further losses in the past couple of weeks, and I try to top off with kalkwasser only. I did a 6g (25%) water change a few days ago, and sucked out the detritus for the first time today, which was easy with some rigid airline tubing, some flex and a 1g pitcher under the tank.

Here are my lovely zoos, safe from Tucker. I know, the color looks insane, but it really does look just that good from the front. Maybe the blue background (base) and 13000K/14000K (unknown) MH are doing it, but it is what it is.

Both plate coral babies were moved into this tank to protect them, but one floated into the ricordia. I tried to save it, but it melted away. So did the other. Ugh.

Here are three new SPS I picked up yesterday. The first is a Montipora. danae?

The other two were hitchhikers on the base of a leather coral at the LFS, so I took them home too. I don't know what they are nor if they will survive, but the price was right.

This one has a green dot at the center of each 'section'. Neat!

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