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Fri, 02/10/2006 - 04:34

The Copperband Butterfly fish that I purchased near the end of December was finally taken out of quarantine and put in the 280g reef. During its time in the quarantine tank, it broke out with some white cottony specks that were attached to the extremities of its fins, and these finally dropped off over a 24 hour period last week. It has been eating mysis with glee during the past month, so I'm hoping it will have the energy and mass to handle the interaction with the rest of my fish now.

The Purple Tang almost immediately started to chase it around the tank, which is a shame as the Copperband was pretty much fearless when it first was added. It swam around and visited with everyone, checking out its new home. Then the tang chased it into a corner, repeatedly. Fortunately the next day, the Purple didn't harass it nearly as much, and the Copperband was able to swim around a little more to become more familiar with the reef. I watched it peck at the rockwork and sandbed, so I believe it ate a little, but at dinner time when the rest of the fish were eating in a frenzy, it was hiding in a cave. Perhaps in a few days it too will enter the chase, getting as much food as it wishes along with the rest of the reeflings.

Casper hasn't been doing well after all. I've been watching her closely, and her tail seems to have turned more white than before. It used to be the very tip was white while the rest of her was yellow, but I'd say about 1" of it is white now. She's not very interested in eating unfortunately, but she has been swimming from one spot to another. Her breathing appears labored to me. I did a water change last night and tested it for the normal stuff. Nothing really explains why she's acting like this. In the meantime, I added a second seahorse hoping she was just super lonely. The two horses seem to get along just fine, but she's not showing any improvement at all today. I didn't get a new seahorse to replace Casper, but rather so she would have a mate. Hopefully she'll improve and become active. She doesn't look thin or starved, but if she doesn't eat soon, I'm sure she'll suffer. I started up some baby brine shrimp eggs to give her an alternative food.

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