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Cyano bacteria - go away

Over the weekend, I decided it was time to treat the tank with Chemi-Clean again. The refugium was full of cyano, and a couple of spots in the reef as well. I'm going to let it run for 72 hours instead of 48, then do a 55g water change and run fresh carbon. And finally restart the skimmer that has been off for the past two days.

I picked up a new Phosban Reactor so I have two easy-to-use units. I still have the older ones with the 10 screw & nuts that hold the lids on, but I'll probably retire these as they are annoying to open and close. Or maybe I'll sell them off.

The new VorTech pump is working out well, and I really like the look of the tank with its low profile.

A couple of SPS corals in my tank look like the tips were burned badly, probably due to dosing a lot of Magnesium last week. I was trying to not only raise the level but also determine how to keep it that high. Some SPS didn't like it while the majority seem completely unaffected.

I'm going to build a new power panel for the reef in the very near future. I just have to figure out how I want it to look and make sure the wiring reaches the various pieces of equipment. I'd like to have a way to see the LED lights on the VorTech pumps as well as the tank's temperature, but nothing that I've imagined will look nice and still be functional. I hope I can dream up something soon, because it's bugging me. I might buy one of the Pinpoint wireless thermometers so I can keep an eye on the temperature at my desk. I need to check on its range first.

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