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Custom Nano tank with False Wall

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After several years of building sumps, a potential customer asked me to build him a custom tank. My concern is always about the livestock and until then I'd never considered building a display system. He urged me to do it, not taking no for an answer. This was my first attempt.

He wanted the tank to have a black panel the full width of the tank to hide the plumbing leading to the sump and I wanted it to have an overall clean look.

The tank was built with 3/8" thick walls to minimize bowing.

Front view.

Rear angle

Looking in.

From the right side.

Upside down, to see the bulkheads. Paper backing still in place to avoid srcatching the bottom.

False panel, with teeth in the center. 1/2" bulkhead returns are threaded for locline fittings. Durso cap is visible.

Rear section is 3.5" wide. Twin reinforcement cross braces help maintain the false back panel to avoid bowing.

Bulkheads and plumbing.

The Durso standpipe needs to have air vent drilled - which I did after the pictures were taken.

One return (right rear).

Other return (left rear).

I put a top flange on the viewing area, and a black lid on the plumbing section in the back.

Plumbing: 1" drain and two 3/4" returns.

The top of the cap was colored with a black Sharpie marker, but Krylon Fusion spray paint would be even better.

It really did come out nicely.  I'm not positive of the dimensions, but I'd guess it was 22" x 16" x 13" and held approximately 20g.

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