The Peacemaker

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The Peacemaker is a way to introduce new fish into your tank for a few days prior to release into the reef.  Fish can see each other, they benefit from healthy water, and can eat without competition.  The box has 1/4" holes drilled on all four sides to maintain oxygenation.  Plumbing connections are great hiding spaces for new fish to duck into for shelter if spooked.

Box area is 12" x 6" x 8" with a lid. 

This is not a replacement for a quarantine system.

I made the first one for the 400g in 2011, and all new fish were put in this box for three days prior to being released. In that time, the fish could see each other, but not interact. Each day, when the tank was fed, so were the fish in the Peaceamaker. The lid has a small hole drilled in it to allow the insertion of a pipette filled with thawed food; the lid keeps fish from jumping out. For new wrasse purchases, a 1" layer of sand could be added safely if deemed necessary.

The top cross piece and the lid are made of 3/8" material for strength. The lid itself has two cross pieces to reduce the tendency for the acrylic to curl. For my tank, the Peacemaker rested on the eurobracing, suspending the box mid reef to keep it in an area of good flow. The boxed area is made of 1/4" material.

The actual box with perforated holes (1/4" each) is 12" x 6" x 8", and the full length of the cross piece (pictured is 31.5"; I build them to fit your tank's needs) with two small brackets to keep it from shifting accidentally. Since it only is in the tank for three days at a time, it shouldn't have any issues like bowing. Clean it up upon removal and keep it somewhere safe until the next time.  

Each Peacemaker is custom made to fit your specific tank's requirements. Email me with your measurements, I'll be able to build one for your needs. 

This is a well-built, strong product. It will last you many years with proper care.

Price: $100.00